Friday, May 22, 2009

i hate my orthodontist.

So today my orthodontist calls my mum.
I was going to have two teeth taken out, and then get all my teeth moved in. Even though this would take a long time, you couldn't really see the teeth he was going to have taken out. So it wouldnt have looked that bad. 

He has decided that my roots are a bit short, so we might see if i can get BANDS or something like that. 
Try that for
And then if that does not work. 
Take out my teeth.
I have already had my braces for 11 months, and my headbrace for 10 (but i don't have to wear it anymore). 

I was planned to have to wear braces for 2 years. But now because of this. It might be 2 and a half. And then a plate for another 2. 

That is 4 and a half years of my LIFE with metal on my teeth. 

I will be finishing year 12 when i get metal off my teeth. 

Do you see why I hate him so much?????

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