Thursday, May 21, 2009



Ok. So I can't really make song lyrics.
So you shall have to settle for merely words. 

Sabine. You got me through a few tough times.
You also created a few of my tough times.

Out talks mean the world to me. I can spill my guts, and you will just be there to support me.

I want you to know. I will support you to.

Maybe you do overeact, forget important things, act like you don't care, and make me sound a little bit bitchy, and maybe brag a little - who wouldn't if Jake was there boyfriend? Maybe you are you.

Maybe I make mistakes to. Maybe I told that secret. Maybe I am over sensitive. Maybe I am me. Maybe I think lying is worse than telling a secret. 

Maybe we have to agree to disagree. 

But to me. All of those things about me and you. Make us US. It makes us individual. Makes Us Love People. 

Sabine, if you were not all those things, you would be so boring. 
You support me, are there for me, keep secrets, make me feel secure.

I love you for you. 
Not anything fake.
Not anything that is not you. 


Give Up on Our Friendship Again.

Because I 
You too much to let you do that. 
You mean the world to me. 

Never give up.
Never stop fighting.
Never stop being you.

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