Friday, June 5, 2009

World Issues ♥

im a vegetarian
and i aint fucking scared of him
the reason i am vegetarian
is not complicated
i think it is mean
to kill animals.

im not perfect
my shoes are made of leather
and my boots of suede 

but i stand by my principles
and i don't kill an animal solely for the purpose
of eating 
the boots and shoes are from an animal already killed and other people have eaten. 
maybe when i grow up i will make sure that my boots and shoes and jackets are not made of leather.
there are other issues in the world to. 

such as
clothes made in china
a poor child may have died while making your clothes
gotten tortured
or whipped
my clothes are made in china
or world poverty?
i have experienced it first hand
in a few countries
and it pains me to see
children of 11 
looking after their younger brothers 
by themselves
and still as happy as can be
and with 
so little

i have travelled quite a lot
experienced a lot
and i hope
to make some difference
in the world
and sometimes
 i feel
that i have so much
and they have so little.
it just does not seem
that is why
i plan
to always donate to charities
and hope to 
raise awareness
i hope.
i have already
with all the lecturing
i do.


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