Saturday, July 11, 2009


I never expected life to be like this.

School is starting soon, if school was all friends no work, that would be perfect :)

People need to learn to live and let live.

I wonder what Kimmy will be like for her 15th birthday if she is like this for her 14th. 

I have always wanted a pen pal, because I love getting letters :)

Yes Suzie, I really posted the blog. 

I spend to much time on my computer, I think I am addicted. 

The links bellow are to the most awesome links ever, you must click on them. 

I find it fastinating how girls can not how hot other girls are but guys sound gay if they do that.

I meant to laugh when it was my 69th blog, but I forgot.

This is my 80th blog, who wants to say woop woop for me? 

How awesome is it that my nickname for Justin is Cookie? 

Chris from masterchef is annoyingly competent. 

I think you are awesome if you are reading this blog :)

I like to pretend I am tank when really I am only mildly strong

I find pushups fun because they are a challange

Running on the edge of the water at six in the morning at my holiday house beach which I love was one of the happiest moments of my life. 

As was lying in the grass on that cold sunny day.

Standing in the rain, listening to good music is the best feeling in the world. 

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