Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Elli. Kirstin. Kim

These Kid's are my Best Friends. 
And I love them to bits.

Kim.  I know I have done a blog before, but I really feel like it now, and since I am doing one on Kirstin and Elli, it would be cool if they were all together. Anyway. I actually can tell you anything, and you won't ditch me and get pissed at me, you will just understand immediately. Even when I am a total bitch. And you are honest with me, so I know when I am being a bitch. You are Just the awesomest person ever, and you give nice hugs :)  You may be a bitch. But you are the freaking nicest bitch I have ever met. You don't care that we listen to completely different types of music, watch different films, find different things funny. We bag each other just the same and it doesn't make a difference. You understand when I want to talk about something and when I don't because you know that I will tell you eventually. You just understand. The End. But I want to write more :) You have been ma besty friendy for how long? Like a term and a half. That's pretty cool huh? "Laugh Out Loud" (because I can't bring myself to write LOL, crap, I just did, argh) You are someone who I can count on for anything, and be my total self with. I know that you will be honest with me because you know that is what I want. I love you to bits, and anyone who breaks your heart be warned, I will break much much more than your face. Anyway, you go ditch me for Neighbours. Love You =) 

Kirstin. Your a pretty cool kid. Your so tall and stuff :). No but actually, you are seriously one of the most understanding people ever. And although we tend to be very stupid and disagree on a lot, I know when I come to you with a problem, you will think about it, and care like it was your own problem because that is you. =) You are so nice and calm and stupid :) But I know that you will tell me the truth because just yeah. I now that I can come to you with anything and you will just give me a big huggy :) You comfort me when I need it and tell me to shut up and stop, and pull it together when I should. Love you forever honey bunchy. 

Elli. I think I may go crazy if you were not there for me to sigh to. People calling us thirty just made us stronger =) He he. You make me happy because you are such a noob. You listen to awesome music, and care about world issues. And you actually take me seriously when I am talking about stuff like that. It is amazing =) You truly are an awesome friend Elli, I don't know What I would Do without you. Love you. Yeeeeee =)


i swear. you guys are the best friends a girl could ever have.
i love you all.
i say i love you to much.
oh well.
love you all =)
oh i said it again.

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kimmy said...

ily sooo much. as also said in the blog called. catherine. :D