Thursday, July 30, 2009

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doesnt she make you feel like smiling?

Did you ever wonder, why people get so affected by the words of people they hate, when really its only the ones closest to them that matter?

In a world of Mac snobs, I am the biggest Mac snob there is. I hate PCs. I can't work with them. Macs all the way man. 

If guys act like man hoes they get called legends, if girls act like hoes they get rejected by society. 

Would you ever think In a million years that you would forgive a girl after one day, when she lied to you for a year and a half and caused your group of closest friends to split? I Will Never, whatever the excuse is. 

Why guys make such good friends when you really don't have much in common with them?

Why we hate sexism, yet still want to be the mans version of beautiful.


Why Myspace Died? I have an explanation. Because It sucked and everyone loves Facebook now, and Facebook is the best.

Kirstin, Kim, Elli, Laura. You guys are the bombiest of bombs. Not in the terrorist way by the way Mr. Police Officer. You might no my cousin actually, Mark! :) 

If you won money what would you do with it. Would you actually give it to charity. I would hope that I would give half. But In reality, I think I would get too caught up in spending it and only give a quarter.

Ever felt bad for homeless people, for people without money. When you look around your house and realise how much you have? When you realise you complain about doing the dishes when some kids don't even have a house to live in, let alone a table to eat at. 

Ever regreted something? You are Not Alone. 

Ever spelt a word completely wrong and felt dumb afterwards?

Ever felt just really really shit one day? 

Ever thought someone was so infuriating that you want to punch them in the face? 

Ever think; what have I done with my life?

Made a promise and broken it? 

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Here's a secret: I feel bad about something, each and every day. 
Another secret: If I went a day without laughing I would feel very depressed.
And one last one: Guy friends are the shiziest of shizest friends. 

your best friends are not those who understand you the best, but take the time to listen anyway. 

why do people listen to katy perry. i will never know.
same with miley cyrus
taylor swift
and many many many other people like them
and chris brown

apparently according to aaki, i want to kill him. there we go :) now the police can't arrest me right? am i right? no. ok. :( 

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look its laura. :)
in a world of fakes if anyone actually dared to be truly real i think that i would die of shock. 
i would like to be truly real. but i don't think i could manage the strain of it. 

and my msn keeps being mean to me :(
who else hates it when people live in a bubble world. 
my favorite colour and my favorite number change every day. do yours? 

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