Friday, July 31, 2009

Excusio's Excusio's

Sabine told me what her excusio was
And well...I don't NOT believe it. But if there was a side, I would still be on mine and Kims I guess. 
Like, I think I need time for my brain to process it all, if you know what I mean? 
Like, for some reason, I still don't trust her. Actually I know that I don't trust her and I know why I dont. Because its just very complicatidio. For me and my head at least. Nothing in life is bloody clear cut. 
I think it is all that has happened. 
Same with like Bec and Mary. I think the reason is...that, in a way, she was the cause of all this stuff happening in the group. I mean, I am too, and so are a lot of people. But, ARGH. I just am very confused right now and trying to write without giving it away, because she wants to tell people herself. 
I think, some part of me just refuses to believe Sabine. 
After a while I will forget, but my mind is like going to be permanently searching for the lies for a while. Like looking at the otherside of things. Somehow, I still see it like. It doesn't quite work. I just dont know. 
Go Away :)

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