Monday, July 6, 2009

Guys, Guess What?

By the Way, in the title, "guys" is used as a term reffering to all sexes not just males. It happens when you have three brothers yourself you tend to get called "guys" as a collective instead of guys and girl. 

Anyway, I feel very Sporty
Oh em Gee I know Right?
I just swam
1 kilometre
Rode my bike
2 kilometres
and did
200 crunches

Not very sporty I know, but for me the only sportiness I do is swimming once a week. And we only do like 2-ish Kilometres a lesson. So you can just Let me think I am sporty, ok?

Hehe. And Now I feel all refreshed.
Pretty Cool Huh?
And Tomorrow I am going to

(for kimmy)


i feel a great urge to take pictures.

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kimmy said...

bike riding. wooooo