Friday, July 3, 2009


Why would you get rid of the best dancer?

It is just stupid. Why would you get rid of the best dancer, who has the most feeling? They said themselves, last year, that she almost went into the top twenty before she LET her friend. How much does that suck? And they also said at the start of the season that she had gotten better. If she had gotten better from being almost being in the top twenty, why isnt she going through? HEAPS worse people got to dance for their life or just go through. There actually must be something that is going on behind the scenes, maybe she had a fight with a producer or judge, or signed to another network. But she was such a good and interesting dancer, and was so NICE. By the way, I am talking about Natalie.I just want to see a little bit of consistancy. I am seriously starting to hate them all, and Mia Michaels is getting a bit precious for my liking. And also, why do people like the Australian version? WHY? All it is is hip hop stripper dancers. I am just really really mad. So mad. Seriously. I hate them. Argh. Now I refuse to name a faverite dancer, because they will probably kick them out, so until the top twenty is named. Bye.

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