Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Im So Angry

Haha. Pretty good day today :) Kostantinaas came back. Wooot! Had tech, Kirstin, as usual stuffed up her toy, so I, being a genius, decided to help her :) Wow, I don't think any sentence has ever had that many commas. And I just spelt sentence wrong twice before correcting it. Aren't I smart? Anyway, French me and Mary were CRACKING UP about ANYTHING. It was just very amusing :) So there is this guy in school right? Called Drew? And he basically is a really really horrible person. Calls everyone a bitch and hoe to be popular. Thing is. He is snotty and weird and has no sence of personal space and is kind of albino. AND A REALLY HORRIBLE PERSON. Anyway, so Mary really hates him. So I was trying to find out people to do WYR (Would you Rather) with to make her pick Drew. For those of you who don't know, WOULD YOU RATHER is a game where people have to pick between either two senarios, people, objects (what the freak?) or anything else. Usually when you say to names it means *laldmdkmSEXlkamsdfal*. But the guys in our class are amazingly immature about everything so when we said say "Ms Harley (Moldy Braced Teacher) or Ms Chetty (like 58 and seriously has problems) they go: "Like what? Like who teaches better?" Cmon guys. Jeeeze.  ANYWAY, I get off topic soooo easily. Ok, so I was saying to Mary "Mr Parrellis (Balding and has a pregnant belly, and like stalks her. Not seriously In Case a like Policeman is reading this :P But like, his daughter or something goes to Mary's greek school so every Friday she has to see him. Very Scary. Anyway) or Drew" And so she chose Drew. HAHAHAHHA. So yeah..what was the point of that story again? Oh right, I was going through my day. Ok, so in French me and Mary were cracking up about everything, and Laura was getting angry for some reason. And so Mr. Fucking. Parrellis makes me stay back so that I can carry down his stuff to his office. I mean, HE CANT CARRY IT AND I CAN. FOURTEEN YEAR OLD GIRL - 50ISH YEAR OLD GUY. JEEEZE. Its like a tape recorder and a box. What a weakling. He does this every lesson. SO obvious he just can't carry it all. He doesn't always do it with me, but still. BAH. So yeah. And then after school went to get slurrpppeees with like 2 dollars with Bec and Sabiney. So yeah, I swear, Bec is like my lucky charm with buses. Everytime I am on the tram with her I get my bus exactly on time. OH! I forgot to tell you. Hahah. When I got down from french class me and Bec did a NOTEBOOK (omg love that movie, makes me cry and its so beautiful and I love it) I wanted to put a smiley face in there but then it would have looked like this :)). So anyway. Yeah it was so funny. Now that is how me and Bec say hi to each other. Hasn't lasted very long but I am sure it will! Shuddup. Anyway. So yeah Bus, me and Bec do a fabulous good by which involes that hand thing. You know where one person is on one side of the glass and the other is on the other side? And there hands touch throught the glass? OMG. LIKE THE FISH TANK SCENE IN ROMEO AND JULIET. BEC WE DIDNT EVEN THINK OF THAT!!!! Oh, and we were in the 711 and there was this article saying that JULIA AND CHRIS FROM MASTERCHEF ARE GOING OUT.  I read it in THE AGE too, and THE AGE is the only newspaper I trust. I know, only a nerd could get excited and weirded out by something like that. But still. But this is what is really depressing. CHRIS is from BRUNSWICK. I HATE CHRIS. I LIVE IN BRUNSWICK. You know what my theory is? Well I have 2. First theory: He doesn't live in MY part of Brunwick. The dodgy part :) Second: My brothers, friends, mum said she saw him while driving and like beeped her horn and waved and yelled "CHRIS". And he just stared straight ahead. So my theory is that He didn't win, and was tired of being Hassled by everyone seeing him. I recon he THOUGHT he would win, but he didnt. Cocky Bastard. So everyone else from the competition waves and he doesnt. So Yeah. I love Masterchef :) SO GOOD. You know they are already auditioning for next series because it was so popular. Last night = 2.71 million viewers. I almost forgot to put the million in there. HAHAH. 2.71 viewers. Ok, enough of this random blog. WAIT! POH FTW! I bet she doesnt really even want to win the restaurant thing, just the money and the book deal :) HAHAH. So yeah. I LOVE POH. Justine is yeah.... Julia I get confused by. She doesnt feel like FAMILY. Sounds weird I know. But she doesn't feel like she DESERVES it, because she just...ARGH. Anyway, oh and I think Julie is out of her depth this far in the competion. HA. I was about to write conversation. HEHE. Anyway, ohk. Enough. Byebye. Oh, and I know in my blogs I have pretty shifty grammar. Usually I am actually quite quite good at english, but while writing blogs, who can be stuffed? Oh, and I forgot something, I REMEMBERED. I forgot why the title of this blog was "Im so Angry". Ohkily. Byebye. 

longest. blog. ever.

14 more posts to go.

if you read this all, i am very impressed. most of it probably did not make sense. 

just thought of something to add. in french class, me and mary were smoking our pens :) i realise that word is missing one letter to be ANOTHER word. um...can't work it out. if you are a guy, look down. if your a girl... dont look down. um....go ask a boy to pull down his pants. hehehe. arent i funny. and random. anyway. bbyebye.

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