Monday, July 20, 2009



Haha, I just got home, and before four! Wooo! Quite an acheivement seeing as I went to macca's cos I am a fatty. I'm so happy, cos they dont soak everything in pig fat anymore, they use vegetable mostly, anyway i got sprite :) So we were all complaining cos the Brunswick kids were about to get on - they get on the stop before mine - and so they got on and I just got off. I don't know why, and I had dumped my macca's rubbish on my fwendies and then i was about to turn around and say 'ahah!' but then i turned around and said 'ha - shit, aah, wrong stop' hahhahah so i had to run to get back on the tram :) lolie

Anyway, today I was thinking about like circles of trust. When you have a circle of trust, I think it is when you both just KNOW that you have each others trust. It doesnt even need to be said. So yeah, all people who are in our circles - love you! And other people - love you anyway! And I think in must be really sucky to have no one to confide in. There are also like semi circles of trust and like quarter circles of trust and like sixteenth circles of trust :) Yeah, like, you dont have to be people's best friends to have their trust, it can just be THERE. But yeah, I have like two people or three or four that I can litteraly trust with anything and I love them :) Oh, and my dogs, cos I can tell them anything and they will just give me a cuddle :) 

I sound like a weirdo but yeah, better day today than yesterday/friday :) Now I am listening to music equivalent to models carb binging - lion king and jason mraz. oh shit hannah montanna just came on... EW! GO AWAY. ok its ok now, brothers in arms just came on :) wooo.
and eww, my hundredth number got messed up, so now i am really excited for when it becomes 
111 :)

got to go find a piccy for this post :) 

oh and it was so funny in health today, we were looking through magazines and the guys found a cleo one (remind you of anything? art class and lochie. haha. how do you spell that name? confusing) that had all this sex stuff in it, like people best times and massage without hands (???????) techniquest and position demonstrations and this guy who is like a prostitute and the ugliest one ever. anyway, so me and mez ripped out all the yuuckkky bits, not before reading them :P oh and we like FREAKEED out cos there was like this pic of like Z sized boobs and we were like arghhhh. rip in out now.. so there was paper all around our desk. heh. okily.  

i do blog a lot, but i DO have a life, i type fast so it only takes like 10 minutes unlike SOME people who take like 30 to produce like 10 lines :P yeah so far this blog has taken me.........8 minutes :) no now 10 :) so yeah, but i have to find a pic, so i will tell you my time afterwards, k? 

now 12

:) got the pic in 4 minutes
now waiting for the resizing to load
i was going to pic this one of a snail
but then it looked like it was touching itself
so i chose this grass
TOTALLY looks fake


oh, and me and theresa speak in the awesomest irish accents :) 
i love making new friends 
bye now :)

in all it took

17 minutes :)

a long time really

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