Thursday, July 23, 2009


Oh Lordy Wordy I am annoyed, but oh well, I get annoyed a lot. Me and Kim are apparently the most likely LESBIAN couple of the group. Great. Ho Hum . I like talking to Cookie :) He is good to talk to. If he was gay that would be awesome because then he could exclaim with me how hot Leonardo Di Caprio is. Oh well, I can always call girls hot, cos girls can do that and guys cant, does anyone else find that weird? Anyway argh to the max. Mr Parellis can go die. So can Ms. Rosvoll and Ms Harley and Ms Newton Brown and Ms Steel. And like a billion other shitey teachers. Lets send them to 
No one knows where it is :)


now im the second one. 
jeeze catherine, change your mind much. 
shut the fuck up brain
not crazy. shuddup.

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