Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Second Cup Of Coffee.

I am like ridiculously tired. I had no sleep and have school tomorrow. Great. And I am going to go to bed at nine. 

Anyway, So Kim's sleepover was fun fun fun :) Arrived late cos I forgot my jacket, but then I didn't use it. I stole Bec's. Omg, I love Bec's Jumper. It is the best. She may never get it back ever. 

Anyway, so we had fun. And I didn't sleep at all. And we talked a LOT and took a LOT of picatures and I may or may not have been stalking Bec and Mary. I made a photo film clip that showed them sleeping, the look so cute. Oh, sorry to dissapoint all the lesbanims out there, but I am pretty sure no one in our group is one. Tis a fact. I hope. Mary and Bec look like those best friends that have been best friends since like primary school.

OMG, like in The Sweetest Thing, like them!  Yeah, it would work apart from the fact that they have never been to each other's house, well, not that I know of. 

Anyway, so the night was a fun fun fun time, comparing boob sizes and such like things. Oh and we watched Cruel Intentions which is the weirdest movie ever, but really good. That scene is like really hott. Anyway. 

So in the morning Angie, Kirstin, Alric, and Khanh came and Sabine and Mary Left. I don't see the problem people  have with Angie. I mean, yeah she is a bitch, but at least she is a bitch blatantly to your face. You just have to get your head around it. If you get your head stuck in "I hate Angie" mode it will never leave it. 

Anyway, and then we went Rockclimbing :) Woo! Me and Angie rocked, we got to the top of three I think. And then for the last fourty five minutes we just say around and talked with everyone :)

So I am now so freaking fucking tired. It is so rediculous. I had to go out tonight as well for my adorably  spanish cousins 4th Birthday party. She is so cute. And so is her 1 year old brother. They are so cute and nawwwwww. 

Wow, dramatic much?

angie is so subtle :)

love pictures Pictures, Images and Photos
oh, and kim has a stalker

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