Friday, July 31, 2009

On The Phone To Kimberly Yeung

I am on the phone to a very awesome person :) 
She is my hunnee and my bestest friend forever. 
We don't have fights because we just tell each other when we are pissed. Simple as that. 
The Video of Jeremy and Madiyar getting their legs waxed is very amusing. I think Jeremy's waxed leg looks much better than his non-waxed leg. :) Hahah. 

Anyway. Girlfriend has some really retarted stuff in it. Kim was reading me this OVERLY retarded thing about hearts pumping and stuff, its so funny. And a street of some kind. Anyway :) 

I love you Kimmy
I hope you are very happy tomorrow :) 
And wear the bag, sorry Im not coming to witness the very special event. 
But why don't I come over to yours tomorrow and you can tell me about it? 
It will be very special. 

This is my 100th post for the Month of July
Kimmy Shuddup stop laughing at Waxing Stuff. :)

And Facebook is the best thing ever. 
Apart from wax :)

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