Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Show.

So I absoloutly hate the Australian So You Think You Can Dance. It is like a competion

 "I bet I can be a bigger slut then you!" "Oh yeah?" "Yeeeaahh!" "Oh, ok then" 

Seriously, the only dances they do are either contemperary writhing on the floor with no clothes on, or hip hop stripper dances with even less clothes on. I haaateee it. I mean the dancers are good, they are, but they are no where near as good as the American dancers, no where near at all.

So of the American So You Think You Can Dance, I saw a few episodes of the first and second season. And I absoloutly adored the 3rd and 4 seasons. Season 3, omg, I love Lauren. Season 4, omg, I love Katie and Will. Soooo much. And Twitch. Season 5 which is currently on is a bit..meh, so far. During the auditions they were not very consistant with there decisions, sending Natalie home after one bad performance and then letting this reallyy crap hip-hoper into the top 20 because of his "personality". As I suspected, he couldn't dance for CRAP and they sent him home. 

Also on the first episode, which was on last night, was pretty poor. I mean they praised everyone soooo highly and when the really good routine came they were just like yeah woo, but It did not have the same effect because they had been like that with all the others. And I swear, Mary I used to love her, but now she is just getting embarrassing to watch. I think she may have been drinking during the show. 

So yeah, I have a couple of people I like, but they arent like the outstanding standard that has been set in previous years. And why are there so many blonds this year? You know what I think it is? Nigel is getting old and horny. 


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