Thursday, August 20, 2009

For God's Sake


What is with the World? I had better write what is happening here because people keep asking me and I really can not be bothered explaining. 

So  basically Sabine told this thing to someone she wasnt supposed to, and it was the last straw for everbody. After the whole Jake is Fake/Real Saga and no body really knew what to believe it was really like: dude, we can't handle any more mistakes. And so we all started ignoring her. And then Mary felt really bad (as she always does :P ) and talked to her again, and then Bec realised she still cared about Sabine and started talking to her again. Now Kim is a very angry person, and she really hates Sabine, like majorly, because of all the shit Sabine has put her through. And Bec had been telling Kim that she would never talk to Sabine again, which is what Bec does when she is angry. So Kim got very very angry, and then also got angry at me because although yes I reaally hate the PERSON Sabine is, I am not an ignoring person. So anyway, everyone got angry, then i wrote a letter to Kim telling her to get over herself and now im only annoyed at Laura and Sabine and Kim is going to talk to Bec :)I just cut a really long story really short. And now I am getting angry at Laura because she never stays with her friends when they need her, and basically chooses staying out of trouble instead of her friends. Anyway, and now I'm "talking" with Sabine meaning she wrote me a letter and I took it in, but I'm  not really changing my position, but well see what happens with time. And I have given and recieved like 5000 letters. So anyway, yeah its all a bit hectic but I would like to make some thank you notes. Thank you Cookie, for being the awesomest kid around and helping me no matter what, thank you Mary for always wagging when your friends need you and showing that you care, thank you kim for getting over yourself, thank you kirstin and elli for being amazingly mutual, and a small thank you to laura for letting me kiss her on the cheeck and an even smaller thank you to Sabine for the letter, that thank you is as mini as you can get, but hey its there. By the way, all that has changed is that I wont do the facebook stuff anymore, twas basically the same at other stuff. Oh, and damn I forgot what I was going to write, I remember. I cry way to much and at everything. Oh and thank you to Gareth for the amusing texts and Tony for letting me copy your work from science. Oh, and Aaki, sorry for the whole everything thing, and we are two awesome noobs :)

quotes Pictures, Images and Photos 

mary&me :)

and kim, i love you =)

thank god u got it, otherwise i may have had to shoot you


and now laura has written a long thingo and as always we will be fine, but we arent really getting anywhere, but oh well, that might just be how things are supposed to be. 

do you guys remember, those few weeks before the whole jake thing happened, when we were a whole group, nothing was bad, not that much gossiping, they made some of the happiest times in my life. and now. 

oh, lyn is doing 100 reasons why jake is fake email to sabine. fabulous. hey, its not me. 

sabines thanks now dissapears because of how she talked to lyn, she has been demoted to getting a nod. 

extra info if wanted:
-i cried
-me and mez wagged 5th session cos of me crying
-laura cried
-kim is getting better
-kim has a headache
-sleepover with kim/elli tmr night
-dont blame me for the email

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