Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh Look, Its Mary

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You'll never know how much you changed in the matter of a lunch time....

Wow, I'm Evil :)  

So I thought I would write a blog about Mary, primarily because of the Fact that she doesn't want me to. I am so mean to her, I really shouldn't be this mean, but it is like a reflex. You could say that Mary keeps me hating and hurting. But also happy and high. But also humourfully failing french and higg hating. Mine and Mary relationsheep is rather complicated.  Like you may wonder why i spelt relationship as relationsheep. That Is for Melda and Celda to know and you never to find out. Hahah. Melda Susanna and Celda (OMG I FORGOT MY MIDDLE NAME, PANIC). Its full of inside jokes and thank god your here moments. Its full of at least a fight a week, but omg mary we have made it like a month without a fight, that is like a doubly uber record. So Cool. And its also full of a lot of hating. We piss each other off a ridulous amount. And where it goes wrong is that we think we can deal with our anger without telling them. Oh HO! And then there is the whole "I love you" "cool" thing. And the whole me ignoring everything she says thing. And her whole hating on angie thing and the whole liking bad music thing and the whole being everything i really don't like in a person and im everything she really doesnt like in a person and yet we have the funnest times ever? Yeah, you could say our relationship is a little complicated. Sure im a pretty crappy friend. But yunno what? It kinda works for us. Because she has learnt that it is a sign of affection when I embaress her. And that i do TRY and stop, but it doesnt always work. And what matters is that at least once a day unless we are fighting and even then we laugh at something the other person says. And I think I have only gone like 5 days all together without telling Mary I love her. Mary, I love you! And we have weirdly sexual minds so not in a lesbian way :) And I still remember HEAD SOCK and IF YOUR DEAD AND YOU KNOW IT CLAP OUR HANDS. Anyway, I know you dont want me to write this blog but I really do love you Mezzy :) Cool. PS. I am putting in a colour splash photo because I know you love them =) PPS. We are ridiculously different. PPPS. When you read out the PPS in the previous PS you end up saying PEE PEE. HEHEHEHE :)


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