Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary and Catherine's Book on: How To Be the Best Boyfriend.

Hang on, ill just go get the book. 
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How to Be a Guy: Dating Edition

STEP ONE: Be ramdom and shower her with compliments. eg.  "Your beautiful" "I can't wait to see you tomorrow" "Your the reason I go to school" While girls pretend this makes them feel awkward, you are really boosting their self confidence, and making them happier. 

STEP TWO: Find ways to subtely touch her, she will notice, but will like the fact that you can't keep your hands off her. But try not to make every touch a grope for her boob. eg.  While hugging her, creep your arm around up to her chest area

STEP THREE: Text her about random things, or when you think of her, this will make her feel loved. eg. when you are thinking of her, text her telling her this. 

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STEP FOUR: Don't leave a conversation, wether on msn, or the phone, until she does. eg. When she says:  "you could have just said you were tired" say " I never get tired, I'm with you" This will make her have that warm fuzzy feeling inside

STEP FIVE: Claim that you want to be with her every single

STEP SIX: Say things that will make her feel secure. eg. "Ill never get sick of you" "We will be together forever, because I love you" 

STEP SEVEN: Shower her with affection and seem as though you never want to let her go. eg. when she has to leave to get on her tram, hug her till the second the tram is about to leave, kiss her, and tell her you love her. don't leave until she does, even if your friends are waiting and she insists you do. 

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STEP EIGHT: Find ways to talk about her body parts that you like (subtly of course), but since the female species are quite smart they will figure this out. So you will fail, but try anyway, because it makes them feel un - clueless.  eg. "So you play tennis with shortshorts right?" "Short skirt actually" "Ohk ;)" 

STEP NINE: Girls like hugs. Hug her a lot. Tightly. And never let go. eg.  - when she is talking to her friends, or not doing anything and you just want to hug her. 

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STEP TEN: Let everything be her decision, suit her needs and desires. Girls will often protest against this, because most of them are quite nice, but in the end, subtly just do what she wants, because it can make her uncomfortable if you are too obvious about it. eg. go to her movie, go her way, go where she wants. 

STEP ELEVEN: When her friends are around, talk to them, she will appreciate that she can be with her friends and you at the same time. It is a plus if her friends like you as well, because then she can be sure you are a good guy. eg. when you are hugging her around her friends, join in their conversations. 

STEP TWELVE: Buy her lots of things, even if she doesnt want it, because she secretly does. Also gifts on random days are good, not large gifts, but cute small ones. Be extra nice on anniversarys or birthdays. eg. when window shopping together, make a mental note of something she liked and surprise her with it the following day/ week. 
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STEP THIRTEEN: Be interested in everything she does, even if it bores you, trust us, she will return the favor. 

STEP FOURTEEN: Be sympathetic when she complains, be excited when she is, be her shoulder to cry on, do everything to make her Happy. 

STEP FIFTEEN: Put your hands in places where she can grasp them, and don't let go till she does, this makes her happpppyyyyy. 

STEP SIXTEEN: Laugh at the cute/ funny/ small quirks that she has. 

STEP SEVENTEEN: Try and figure out all her secrets in cute little ways. 

STEP EIGHTEEN: Show affection in public no matter who is watching. 

STEP NINETEEN: Want to spend one-on-one time. 

STEP TWENTY: Refuse to say when you think you will break up because you want it to seem like you secretly hope it will last forever, of course the girls knows this. It is a double bluff. You actually do want it to last

Remember: Be nice, respect her wishes, and only do all these things, if you know you are serious about each other. And also, be happy. Oh, and tell her you love her, thats a pretty major one. 

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Mary and Catherine wrote this fabulous book, during one fateful HIGG class (they had a sub), when we were talking about our boyfriends, and how they do the majority of this stuff. To Catherine's delight, her then boyfriend, is now her ex. Mary and her BOYFRIEND, are still happily together, and Catherine is enjoying being single (she is also enjoying teasing Mary at every givin oppurtunity, Mary has come to accept that this is a sign of affection, but wishes Catherine would fuck off) They would both like to add that Mr. Parrellis is a douche, because he wouldnt let them finish the book in French, as he was too obsessed with quizes. The End. 

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Sabine is great said...

absolutely gold cati.
just reading this gives you that warm fuzzy feeling inside

catherine. said...

its mine and marys, let her have some credit toooo :P

higg class is le bestest when you have a sub. xx