Saturday, September 26, 2009

panic. not panic?

Ohk People.
Moment of Panic is over.
I will just deal with no titles, No titles is fine right? Kind of artsy. Like, titles are a fascist invention trying to make sure we all put a label on something. Well, I don't want to put a label on my posts thank you very much. Thanks for you concern though, really.

Ohk people, this is official. I realllllyyyy dislike my blog URL, and so it is changing after this post. tata for now. the new URL is going to be:


lots of thanks to sabine. 

tomorrow morning it is changing people. goodnight.

 i love you if you are following this blog. xx.

by the way, if you liked catherinewildworld, please leave a comment. i have also edited my blog, look for subtle differences, these include no titles :)

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