Wednesday, September 23, 2009


As we all know, the royal melbourne show is a pretty rocking place to be. 

Yes, it may be an overpriced boganfest

But it is the best damn overpriced boganfest ever. 

Now, I was going to give you a rundown of my show day, but I really can not be bothered, and I think you guys better just get your own experiences, rather than listen to my ramble. On thing, you have to go on pirates revenge, it is the best. It's a water-rollercoaster, and perfect when it is sunny, and you feel a little woozy from the spinny rides. Seriously, go there. And another tip, if you split from your friends, make sure you deffinatly agree for a specific time to meet up at a specific place. Or it could end badly. 

also, look out for a sign that says
"we want you to go away"
because i swear i saw one. 

and also, dont waste your money like i did on those things where you can win big toys, especially a giant simba the size of your doorway, like i did. and i ended up with a mini monkey-dolphin which i ended up naming fuckhead in a fit of rage. 

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