Sunday, September 27, 2009

obsessiveness. its bad.

seriously, at what point is this becoming obsessive?

anyway, sabine showed me a really cool blog that you guys might like to check out 

its really cute.

anyway guys, i found the most adorable site, from a link from littleblog, it has all these pictures, and its way better than photobucket, if you wan't a more diverse range. its called 


Erimentha said...

thanks so much for linking me catherine!

you're a friend of sabine's i take it?

:) i love and also you should check out

i cant believe you posted over 200 posts! your blog is lovely and i like the background too!

take care,xxx

catherine. said...

No problem, I woudn't dream of not linking.
Yeah, I am from school :) Thanks for the link, it looks great. Yeah, I go through stages of manic blogging and right now I am trying to find a good layout.

thanks again,