Monday, October 5, 2009

adorably cute.

love. love is a ticking timebomb. love is everything. 

i found this picture so adorable. i couldn't find the words to describe it. in a way, to me, it describes love. the picture in itself, is just, so, i don't really know, but it makes me happy. love is different, difficult. love is changing. love is friendship. love is trust. love is there for you when you are ready for love. love is their to break you, but more importantly, love is there to patch up your heart, because, love is the only thing that can heal a broken heart. apart from icecream. to me? love is real. to me, love is everywhere. love is perfectly described in the movie love actually. it controls people, it makes people feel happy, it bonds people together, it makes friendship, it breaks friendships, it is unfortunate. love, in itself, is an oximoron. completely impossible, and yet, entirely possible, and believable, and it exists. and its what keeps everyone in the world alive. you can't describe love. is is the most powerful emotion, it rips us off our feet at puts us in a current. we can decide, is it good or bad. if its bad, swim diagonally, if its good, let it carry you into the unknown. sorry for the bad analogy, but i cannot describe love. i'm trying to find the words for the unresolved happiness that lies in your heart, in your body, filling you up. love makes me happy. love is essentially, happiness. but love, is also, well, you know what? i am hopeless at explain this. love means everything to me. love is the world.
fuck you. 

love, is just, love. 

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