Friday, October 2, 2009

found titles&draft buttons

because i awoke so bloody early in an attempt to be "fit", i am abnormally sleepy and 10 on a friday morning. i am having a theraputic half an hour on the computer before i head of to clean the house and the outside shelves, and my room. read: clean up my brothers messes so my mum is happy and buys me more clothes. 

i am way to grumpy to do anything. 

"Happiness is in the heart, not in the circumstances"

On the brightside, I discovered the secret to being un-obsessive with blogging, and maybe making my blogs semi-readable. The save now button . Drafting is the key, and I feel like a genius even though everyone before me new about this. I mean I knew about it, but I never thought to actually use it. 

So let me go be theraputic, and find a few good quotes and pictures to put in this blog :) 
this is really frustrating not being able to publish right away, ciao for now bubs, xoxoxo (etc.)

this is really exciting news. it is 10:33 and i found how to re-install the title option. yay. 

"Friendship improves hapiness and reduces misery, by doubting ourjoys and dividing our grief"

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