Saturday, October 31, 2009

fark me.

this is so freaking cool.
its like storming with thunder and lightning-ing in the 28 degrees.
it makes me feel a little sad though, because is reminds me off cambodia.

my school is actually doing a walkathon for camobian children, if anyone wants to donate, its for a great cause, an orphanage helping cambodian children who's parents have died from AIDS. it would really mean a lot to me, because i lived there for three years and witnessed the absoloute poverty they live in. 

im going to go watch the rain now. 

i apologize for the lack of pictures, internet is low. its uncool. finishing tomorrow.
as always, an excessive amount of x's and o's

well that was fun, i just stood in the rain getting soaked with my brothers, it was so fun, now im watching ms congeniality two, its such a bad movie that it is nice to watch when its rainy.

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