Monday, October 19, 2009

i also saw a dog, and thought it was a peacock.

you know how i was saying i got angry today?
i got angry at america.
im not saying all the people there are horible, i am saying that quite a few of them are.

george. freaking. w. bush. 

we had a question in our project about protest songs right, want to know what the question was? well, two of them really

question five: why where so many people against the vietnam war
question eleven: why where so many people against the iraq war?

because george bush was a freaking big idiot, and made stupid decisions that led to the deaths of millions of innocent people. look, i dont know all the details, but i like to think i know a fair bit about politics. and i know about everything georgey has done, from water boarding to claiming weapons of mass destructions where being hidden. ands he's a freaking dickhead, to be blunt. 

im just going to show you a little quote from his repetoir

for nasa, space is still a high priority. 

is this really someone you want running your country?

fail. epically, mr bush. obama is le shiz

on another angry note, i am soooo impatiant to see where the wild things are, but its only out in america, and they are all sayings its really good and its really frustrating and i want to go seee itttt. :( its top in the american box office, and i have been waiting for this since december. 

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