Saturday, October 17, 2009

in with the new, out with the old?

or i could just mesh them together, and make a new old type of arangement. 

here are things i do when i am worried:

go on the internet
make lists
go shopping
listen to music
lie on my sofa just thinking
talk to some trusted, loved friends. or yell at them, same thing really. 

what do you do? because, like, i have a friend, who when she is worried, she dances her reutines from her dancing school that she went to when she was eight. no joke. i just find it interesting.

anyway, i just went shopping today, and when you come home, it is always a good feeling, unpacking all the new things that you bought. for instance, today i bought this pink skirt that i absoloutly adore from the annual kinki gerlinki garage sale. its also hard earned, because i had to search for a loooong time :) anyway, making lists is so calming, its like, organizing your brain or something. i need to do it, otherwise i feel cluttered :) stop looking at me like that, im not weird. stop it. seriously. oh go away, you un-organized person. 

my new skirty :)

on i completely new subject, and font colour, you guys should all check out my friend sabines blog -  broken intimacy. She has just done a whole new layout change, and she pretty much blogs about her favorite pictures that she has found, her celebrity girl crushes (namely emma watson) and anything she feels like. we all have to incourage her, because she is awesome, and pretty much the main reader of this blog. 

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