Monday, October 26, 2009

it all started with a big bang. bang.

i just find that really adorable.

again, adorable. 

anyway, i think i am in love with the big bang theory, while everyone is going on about gossip girl and glee, i found gossip girl utterly boring, and glee is like a classmate, i dont necessarily want to be their friend, but i talk to sometimes. anyway, while everyone is banging on about that, i am still in love with ye olde classics. seinfeld (love love love), friends (love love) and bing bang theory (ohk, not really a classic but still, lovee)

even though only two of the five main characters are believable, its light hearted, uncomplicated humour rings true. through love, robot battles, and gift delema's, its freaking awesome. 

also, if you have not watched seinfeld at least once in your life, you have sinned. it takes a certain taste to find it amusing, but the physical comedy, the pure awfulness and patheticness of it is halarious. a must watch or you have me to answer to (i know im not that scary but just watch it) 


Athena. said...

I adore the Big Bang Theory;
Oh, sheldon.

Anonymous said...

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