Thursday, October 29, 2009

remember those walls i built, well baby there tumbling down.

"remember those walls i built, well baby their tumbling down"

today, i got sunburnt, like i always do. ouchy. i put sunscreen on, but somehow i always come out looking like a slightly pale lobster. 

Today, my 7 year old niece came over to show me her Halloween costume. She was dressed in a bee costume with a ghost costume on top of it. I asked her what she was supposed to be. Her response? " A boo-bee!" That kid will do great things. MLIA
so cool et fooooney. 

today i road home in the boiling sun
and then rain started poaring down on me
it was one of the nicest feelings in the world.
clouds, please rain again. 

oh, dayum. i have to go get ready for swimming. i really dont feel like it. waayyyy to tired. but otherwise i will be a fatty, because i drink to much milo. yum, milo. 

xx from my rushed state. 

I was watching an MTV show on the worst highschool mascots. I was laughing histarically on how lame and stupid some of them were. I was almost crying at number three when the second worst came on. It was my school. Way to go bubblers. One above the fighting asparagus. MLIA


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