Sunday, November 22, 2009

cat who shares my name, cat.

i have been tagged by the utterly adorable cat for the one lovely blogger award, so seven things i love right now. 

1. Silver Nail Polish
2. How Messy My Computer Desktop Is
3. My Jeans With the Tacky Gold Hems
4. Stealing My Mums Clothes
5. Bagging New Moon With My Brother
6. Home Made Humus
7. Writing Things Like They are Movie Titles
can i cheat and write an 8th?
8. Talking About Blogs Over Slurpees, With Sabine. 

i shall pass this on to: 

and sabine cara, so i don't have to tease her anymore.

i think the rules are pretty self explanatory, non? tag it back to the awarder and to the people you wish to award, the awardees. then write seven things you love right now, and feel free to cheat.  

catherine, xxxxx (etc.)


sabine cara said...

i love you (and your blog)
xx scarzz

مى said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog so very much! It's an honor to receive an award from you, Catherine :)

Erimentha said...

wow! new layout, HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!