Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tofu and nettie :)

i can be found on google now, joy :)

today, my family emptied out our bookshelves, and found all our childhood books and i read through them all. 
seriously, try it, all the memories, all the laughter, all the secret notes found inside them, it really makes you happy. 

tonight, i am cooking tofu, nobody likes tofu. and i didn't used to. but now i cook it with lemon and soy sauce and it is so scrummy i love it. i also love broccolli. and so you don't think i am some healthy freak. i love love love chocolate. and i am vegetarian. 

x's and o's and i had better go cook tofu, catherine.  ps. oh crap i forgot to do my nano for today, better go do it now. cyaaaaa. 


Erimentha said...

so cute! i love old childhood books!!!!

hope the tofu tastes nice!

your comment on my blog was amazing!

xie xie! (chinese thank you!)


Janice said...

hi lovely!
hehehe tofu is yum!
and i love picture books!

p.s. i think something may be wrong with your layout, half of the comment box gets hidden under the layout. i have to press 'tab' to be able to type in the captcha, i just figured that out because i've been trying to comment for a while! glad i finally can :)


مى said...


This post is adorable :)