Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i dont, but i do.

i feel like blogging. 
but i don't. 

i feel like expressing myself. 
but i can't find the words. 

i want a orange icypole
but i already had one today

i want to tell her she is a bitch
but i dont have the courage to face the change

i want to tell the truth
but im scared afraid. 

i want to understand myself
but i feel to empty

i want to have inner peace
but it sounds too corny. 

i want real friends.
but i can't. 

i want to have everything i want
without being selfish

i want to stop convincing myself that it isn't a big deal
when i know that it is. 

i want to face the truth. but i am to fucking scared. 

i want to jump for joy, and mean it. 




sabine cara said...

cati :(
you're making me upset. are you okay? talk to me xx

Loz said...

Get your blog followers together.
We'll get that bitch!
I absolutely LOVE the last picture.