Thursday, November 19, 2009

stuck in a web or partaying.

in history and geography again. this is so tiresome. i cannot work at school, i just fail at it miserably. although according to my report

'catherine has the amazing ability to produce outstanding work even through her distracting behaviour'

reports and exams
grades and studying

ew, much?

i think that i absoloutly extra-ordinarily fail at studying.

exciting news.

i am up to thirty followers. i think we should have a massive partay.

just a thought, a few bloggers where sending out christmas cards and postcards to their bestest followers, i was wondering if any of you guysers would be interested in that? i have a massive chrissy and postcard collection.

also, i had an idea for a job, the reject shop
sounds like fun :)

anyhow, i apologise for this fabulously irregular post, i was trying to keep myself amused, and i celebrated my new followers.

as always, x's and o's

catherine & friends in history and geography.


Phoebe! said...

hahaha that's the funniest report quote ever. I always got told that I was a "delight to teach" which always pissed me off because I sounded like a suck up.
I quite like the christmas card idea

Carolyn said...

I like the christmas card idea :)
Haha, on my reports I get, "Carolyn is a hard working student who achieves brilliant results and is quiet and gets all her work done in class"
haha :)

Loz said...

Mm.. I like the Christmas card idea.
My report and parent teacher interview results are always quite funny and not what I was expecting...
Yay for thirty!