Tuesday, November 24, 2009

shhh. did not happen.

ohk, ohk. you caught me. 

i went back to the original layout, but going away made me realise how much i love it. 

you guys want to hear my plan? i look around, whiiiiiile having this nice one waiting for me.

my mission now is to find a background that i love. hey, but i changed the pictures at the bottom :) snaps for catherine. 

you guys are the bomb for dealing with my indecisiveness. 

i apologize if i am an utterly crap blogger for the next week or two.
you see, i have exams. 

sad face x twenty. 

xoxo and x from my unworthy blogger state, 


smorginator said...

Mucho Sad face for exams.

Kipa said...

I know how you feel,I changed my settings a thousand times.
Good luck with your exams!
PS.Of course you can join me,lol =)

Cat said...

I LOVE this layout too. Don't change it!!
Cat xx

مى said...

I am declaring my thoughts of interest. That's it.