Monday, November 2, 2009

totally forgot, love.

totally forgot.
happy november

also, this moth, i am doing nano  a wrting competion, you have to write a 50,000 word novel by the 30th of november, you have thirty days to do it. so far I have written 1,703.  I really encourage everyone to do it, because you really discover yourself along the way, and discover your writing style. my novel is basically my thoughts, my fears, and my life, and all the bits of joy and sadness that goes with it. if it did get published, i hope it would get published because it is a truthful novel, about the mind of a teenager, it is like my computer diary, because i hate writing in real diaries. so do i have a main character? i suppose i do. and i suppose the main character, is me. 

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Erimentha said...

i really love your blog. sabine got me into it. it's so cute and funky. good luck with the writing comp.
i especially like this line:
'this is, a blog about life i suppose, and how i can discover little bits of happiness'
in your description. thats why i try to do with my blog too.