Saturday, April 10, 2010

'you stole a blue french horn for me' 'i would have stolen you a whole orchestra'.

this is a tag about love, and how sometimes, you end up crying in the rain. 
all you have to do, is write a paragraph about love, no boundaries.  and tag three lovely people. 
i tag:  sabine cara, because no matter how crappy this tag is, i know she will still love me,  sanchezzy because (1) she is my twin, (2) her blog is awesome and (3) she is a formspringer, and zmaga, because  she is lovely on we just dont know you yet
i love my dogs and i love listening to jeff buckley while im crying. i love people with opinions, i love the air at night. i love boyfriends, girl friends, guy friends. i love the beauty of words, i love rain, i love being with someone in complete silence. i love lying in front of state library, with my legs in the sun, and i love lovely movies. i love winnie the pooh,  and i love quoting how i met your mother, cassie, and looking for alaska.   i love guys with nice abs who dress in country road, i love italics, i love love. 

fuck you, it is magic. 


sanchez said...

I love you twin!
I like this idea for a tag, its cute and nice and I think it will turn slowly turn into something really really amazing (even more amazing then it already is) and I just want to tell you that you're not passive aggressive you are lovely and and they don't understand and I know thats such a fucking cliche but sometimes life is a bit like that.

sometimes love is a bit like that.

this comment isn't as long as yours was, but I still hope it means something.

sabine cara said...

argh, sounds like fun! I hope it works out for you hun x)

no limits to the paragraph length right?

be proud of me too, I had hallelujah playing on end yesterday <3

lovely post, hun.

xx scarzz

Erimentha said...

this post was perfection.



Camelgirl said...

I love this and I'm sorry I stole your last tag.
But I think some good has come of that as you have now created this amazing tag.
Every post of yours inspires me in a different way.

~Abby~ said...

This tag is lovely, as is your blog!
Awesome pictures as well.


Zmaga said...

Thanks for tagging me!

JS. said...

I love all the things you love too :)

Athena. said...

I love you, and your sweet words!
I love this, so, so much.
It makes my heart go beat beat beat
in happiness.

Francesca said...

And I love this.

The first photo is from my favorite scene in one of my favorite movies. :)

sinnlighet said...

What incredibly beautiful blog you have! My compliments!

A footprint from Agneta & Sweden

TheLittleFlower said...

Wonderful tag and wonderful blog!

Anonymous said...

After readind your little passage i realised how much i love those things too :)
Lovely Blog.

~Abby~ said...

I forget to keep telling you that I tagged you! :)
Here's the link:

Have a lovely day.