Thursday, June 17, 2010

for the first time in history, it's gonna start raining men

for some reason i found this video ridiculously cute. 
every so often, i feel myself drawn to telling you guys about my dream guy
for man of my dreams (number one), and where it originated, click this here link
"but, um, truthfully, robyn's better than the girl of my dreams. she's real"
the man of my dreams (number two)
he screams 'save me' by queen at nine on sunday mornings 
and can relate everything to west wing ("the going with you part was all me")
he'll get teary eyed at remember the titans, but won't cry
instead he'll pull me close and just hold me like he never wants to let go. 
and sometimes he will whisper in my ear, saying 'just for a minute, can we forget about tomorrow?'
we'll argue and argue and argue about everything and anything.
and he will always try so damn hard to change the world, 
he reads the new york times and the age
and we will be too hilarious for anyone else to comprehend.
when it starts to rain, he'll make us a cup of coffee
and then we'll go to the local pool, and swim and swim for hours
and ill stare at his amazing hip bones, and into his deep blue eyes. 


sanchez said...

Love it.
Your future man.
and that video.

I laughed a lot.
you're pretty good.

JSotiriou said...

"and we will be too hilarious for anyone else to comprehend"
ok this was the best thing I'll ever read for possibly the whole month :(
and sad...for various reasons

~Abby~ said...

sounds great.
i have my dream guy too; don't we all?
but what if they AREN'T out there, despite what everyone says.
it worries me.

Francesca said...

"and sometimes he will whisper in my ear, saying 'just for a minute, can we forget about tomorrow?'"
I love this part so much. And I absolutely adore the Notebook.

Zaira Mabel said...

love love love this post. You always have such cute layouts and so many cute things all around

Kipa said...

Oh, I thik I might just steal your dream guy, lol. Just joking, but he sounds cute :). Oh, and I kind of have a thing for that video too!

There is an award for you waiting in my blog :)


Alexis Mullino said...

Ahh, The Notebook. Full of so cute lines.

K said...

Lovely post,
your dream man sounds like quite the fellow :)

tywo said...

I love this post!
Thanks for the birthday wish!