Wednesday, June 9, 2010

"You can't give a Dementor the old one-two!"

one day, ill get the courage to send all these unwritten letters.
maybe one day, ill tell all these terrifying truths with a shaky voice. 
but for now, this is the closest thing to telling you how i feel.

i guess its just then, when my world was collapsing, i only wanted to see him. he saves me time and time again, when i don't even know what i need to be saved from. he hugs like its warm and its comforting, and all i can think is please please, don't let me let you go. and its not like he makes me feel bubbly inside, and i dont miss him tremendously. but i can't help but think that its because i know he's always there. and so its the time that i know i don't have that scares me, the lack of time to create tales of heroism, i guess. and the fact that i don't have the courage to tell him everything. we all only having a finite number of days to change our fate, and control our destiny.  its just really, overwhelming i suppose. 
*sings 'hello, i love you' really badly to my new followers*
"its your choice sid, everything is your choice. wake up, sid" - cassie.


Anonymous said...

Time is not on our sides. Then again, time is one of the only things we all share. This post makes me ponder.
It's beautiful.


Spence. said...

Beautiful post, I love the way you write :)
at first I was puzzled when you said "don't let me let you go" and then I realised I've done that before, and in a way it hurts more than loving too much, because you just start to feel numb and all your feelings for them slip away, and when you look back you know you've lost something, in the pit of your stomach it's total agony, but on the surface you just feel... blank. Souless even.
It's the security, when you get too comfortable and expect them to always be there, then one day they're not, and I've only got myself to blame.

Time's a funny thing... watch Nickleback's 'Savin Me' video, the concept haunts me in a way:

I am actually in love with your blog btw ;) looking forward to your next post!
(p.s. sorry for rambling ;)

JS. said...

You write beautifully.
And I love that last quote so much.

Athena. said...

Catherine, you always have the best and most relevant quotes.
Seriously, I have had this craving for Harry Potter and Skins, lately.
Weird, I know - but anyway, thankyou!

And yes - life and time and fate is so damn overwhelming, and I'm so glad you have someone so lovely; a secret saviour.

Francesca said...

I hate time, so much. We pretend we're going to do things in the future, when really we should be starting now. I'm scared of time running out.
This is so beautiful and true. Cassie can be quoted in just about every situation, can't she?

مى said...

Ahh Catherine, I've missed your blog.

Smileyfreak said...

I would like to declare a though of interest :)

That was lovely,but sad and then lovely again.

K said...

i was checking out your blog and deciding to myself whether or not i should join. then i saw i'd be your 100th follower. so. like. i had to.
it's a sign.

i do love your blog btw.
great concept.