Saturday, May 23, 2009

I have No Idea.

I don't know what to write about. 
But I feel Like Blogging.
So Maybe Random Dot Points Huh? 

Have you ever wondered what other people are thinking. Like in random situations do you ever wish you could swap spots for like 5 minutes just to see? I have.

I was thinking the other day, that if I had the choice between being a guy or a girl, i would choose to be a gay guy primarily because they usually dress much better. =)

And I was thinking about TRUE friends, like TRUE TRUE friends. And to be a true friend means always picking a friend up when they fall- literally and figuratively,  waiting for them when they ask you, not talking about them behind their backs, never lyiing, always making them smile. 

I don't think you can choose when life is good. For instance, this year, has been SO much better than last year. SO much better. But I think about 2005 was my best year ever. 

I really love having a best friend. I have about 8 really close friends, 1 best friend, and about 10 close friends, and like a billion other friends. But the close friends and best friends are the best, you know that they will always be there to back you up and support you no matter what. They walk in when everyone else walks out. 

What really annoys me is not admitting you are wrong. I can be like this sometimes, everyone can. But it pisses me off. 

It also pisses me off when people are ignorant. I know that's them. It just pisses me off. Especially towards world issues. Sometimes people are so caught up in there own world that they don't think there is LIFE beyond that. 

Have you ever wondered what you would do if you won 1 million? A lot of people SAY they would give half charity. But i think in reality it would be a lot less than that. Im not saying that they wouldn't give any, or that they are a bad person. I just think  that. I personally know that I wouldn't give half to charity. I would WANT to. But I think in reality greed just overtakes everything else. I hope that I would give 250,000 and at least 50,000 to each chosen charity. I hope that I WOULD give 500,000 but I don't know. I HOPE I would. I think, if the situation presented itself, people would all act differently. 

Lying bugs me the most out of everything. Even if the truth was: "I can't tell you" I would be so much more grateful for that then for being lied to. Being lied to makes it seem like the person doesn't care what you think, being lied to makes it seem like they cannot trust you, that they value you less than others. Im talking about being lied to ALL the time. I still care if it is once. But it doesn't hurt me that much. I just get annoyed. But keep it to myself and then the feeling passes. 

Now In this blog I probably seem like a whiney b**ch. But at least I have an opinion. Yeah it might seam like it the one about lying that I have a low self eateam or whatever. But In that I was talking about getting lied to ALL the TIME. Like ALL the time. 

Until Next time I feel like Blogging. 


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