Saturday, May 30, 2009

Primary School Friends. xx.

People don't realise how much there old friends mean to them. 


Isa, you mean the world to me, still after what is it now? 11 years? 
We were best friends forever. 
We made each other laugh.
From Kindergarten we got on like sisters. 
When I left for THREE years,
We still stayed in contact.
When I came back it was like nothing had changed.
I will love you forever.
Of course we had are ups and downs
Of course we pissed each other off.
Maybe we are not best friends anymore
But you will always be there for me
And I will always be there for you.
Remember That.
I love You

How would you describe our friendship?
Of course we have been together since grade 3?
But we were never really close
And you bit me :D
But it shows how strong our friendship is
because we are still friends today
We are to different to even be best friends
We piss each other off. 
But I know i can always rely on you to tell me the truth
And to always tell it to my face. 
I love You

You are so clueless
And yet smart at the same time
You always helped me in maths
And I helped you in English
You stuck by me through think and thin
And I can rely on you
for just someone to talk to
You brighten my day
By saying hi to me at Uni High
I love You

You were a bright spark in my day
and still are
You are Always so Happy
and Bubbly
You make me high
Your laugh is contagious
We are so amusing
Even though we always get on each others nerves
I will always
Love You

We have known each other for 14 years.
My whole life in fact.
We have helped each other through tough times
You are now
a Prinny Hill 
No your not
Kind of. 
But you are still there whenever I feel like a movie night
Or shopping on Sydney Road
You make me laugh with all your crazy stories
And all your FRIENDS crazy stories
I have seen you at your worst
and your best
Remember when we used to plan to live in apartments next to each other
And dig tunnels across the street
and you plan to drive me to parties
and home from them
No doubt
I will actually take you up on that
Friends Forever Eh? 
Till we are 99.
Who would want to live that old

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