Saturday, May 16, 2009


I love my friends more than the world. 
More than the stars. 
love makes the world go round. 
More than the whole earth put together. 
They make me feel better when I am sad.
They catch me if i fall, they hug me when I need it, and when I don't. 
They make me laugh when I am crying, they make me cry so hard from laughing. 
They are my other family.
They are my life.
I will love them till the day I die. 
I love them so much for telling me the truth. 
I love them so much that I never lie
I even love them because when they read this they will tell me I say love to much.
But how else am I going to do it?
 Face to face and I would cry so much that they couldn't understand. 
We laugh it inside jokes, we all cry when someone is hurt, we fight, but laugh all the same.

"A real Friend is someone who walks in when the world walks out" 

Thats my friends.  All of them. I can't find any words that beat them. It's not possible.  

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