Friday, May 15, 2009

My Friends and Enemies

Ok, This is going To List Most of my Really Close friends, And all the good, the bad, and the ugly stuff about them :D 

Kimberly: Well what can I say, she is my best friend. Has been for about 1 term. I can honestly say I believe everything she says. And I hope she believes me to. I would trust her with anything, she comforts me, I comfort her, she gets mad, i get calm. We balance each other out. Kimmy if you are reading this I love you! She has flaws. Everyone does. She overeacts, I suppose some people say she dresses a little weird, she owns 1 padded bra, she falls in love and out of love with people to quickly. But she is Kimberly. And I wouldn't love her as much if it wasn't for all of the above things. :D

Kirstin: Well Kirstin, She is such a dumbass. But I love her. She are so caring, she is like a mother to the group. Even coaching Mary through *cough cough*  problems at camp. She is awesome. And defines caring for a friend. In fact. She define caring. She will never leave a persons side if they don't want her to and I know I can cry with her and she will not judge me. But sometimes she is ditzy, sometimes she is a clutz, sometimes she is so slow you want to smack her, but then, if she wasn't all those things, she wouldn't be Kirstin. 

Elli is my saviour. She stops me going crazy in school when no one else knows about the american election. She knows what I mean when I get mad at Taylor Swift, and she understands  what it is like to get called 30 just because you are interested in world affairs. But then Elli also gets annoying. Basically its just Elli, her shyness, her weirdness, they just get annoying. But who else do I have to love, and lend me there cool skirts, and brighten my day just by wearing a really cool dress? 

Mary: Ah Mary. She is a pain in the but. She is superficial, she cares way to much about looks,  like mainstream music, is bloody stubborn, does not admit when she is wrong. As is basically a lieing bitch. She lies so much. But then she does have something that makes her irrestably loveable. Maybe its the fact that she cares about everyone so much. And cares and cares and cares so much, maybe its the fact that she is so clueless, or maybe its the fact that i know that even if we fight we will always still be friends.  And we always fail at fighting and end up laughing about random things. I love her to bits and I don't know why. But Mary, if you read this; I love you more than all the starts! Are you calling me orange? :D

Ah, Sabine. Sabine is a bit of a coward. She runs from things that she doesn't like, and doesn't like to communicate face to face. She is to serious. And she thinks quite highly of herself. But I know that deep down is that funny laugh that is like a tinkle. She amuses me to no end. She stays up late so that we can talk until midnight about our problems. I love her to bits, and I don't think I would ever give up on our friendship. I love her! XD

Laura. She is such a noob. Really. A. Big. Noob. Sometimes I feel like shooting her in the but. Sometimes I really do want to just walk away. She can't admit when she is wrong, she compares people to no end, she likes gossip to much, as well as secrets. But she also smiles and laughs, and even when I am down she puts a smile on my face. We have the best conversations on the phoen that go for 5 hours and then when I hang up I can't remember anything that we talked about. I love her to no end, and wouldn't give her up for the biggest bit of chocolate in the world. 

Rebecca. Bec is my Leo Lover Buddy. We both think that in Titanic and Romeo and Juliet and when he was young, Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the Hottest men alive. Apart from that, Bec doesn't judge people a lot. She lets them have their own opinion. I admire her for that.  But she also on the other hand, makes up her mind to quickly, and decides things for others. But I love her to the worlds end and back. xx. join leo lovers today. 

My Primary Friends: Basically they were all the same. I still love them all. I talk to them regularly. They are sporty. Some are smart. Some aren't. They are like me. They love a lot. That's about it. We matched very well. I love them. xx. 

My friends in Cambodia: I think that I got on the best with these special kids. I loved them all. They meant the world to me. Still do. But now they live in Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Germany, Africa. All over the world. And we still stay in touch. I love them with all my heart. 

That concludes my major friends. I love them all. And as you can see. I love an awful lot of people. I had to leave out quite a few :P
Goodbye until Next Time. 

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