Friday, May 15, 2009

The Latest Fight.

So this is my First Blog. Quite exciting :D
I actually got the idea off my friend who is video blogging. 
And I am actually fighting her at the moment. 
And I had a thought,
that I might blog my thoughts and feeling and events of my life. 
It is quite dramatic. 

So lately, I thought life was great. 
I have a group of friends but lately we have been splitting off into two groups, and while in my eyes there was nothing wrong with this

But Just today, three, well four, of my friends have basically gotten really mad, and started all putting there personal message on MSN to "ill k.e.c.k you, BRING IT ON". 

k.e.c.k is the name that my group sometimes called ourselves, because you know, it is nice to feel a part of something. 

And then basically all of them started saying that we were not friends with them. 
Which really hurt me because i love really easily, and i find it hard to stop XD. 

And so i did a really stupid thing. I accidently told a secret that i had sworn not to tell. Now Sabine, who I am fighting with, does get fired up easily. And even though Mary and Laura and Bec (The other three in the other group) always tell secrets. 
I know from personal experiences. 

Now I know I did something wrong. 
But I really want to figure this out. And everyone else seams to be running away from it. Which really annoys me. 
I am actually a type of person that forgive easily but I like to forget. But not forget before it gets sorted out. 

What really bugs me is when people run away from things. 

So know, I think I have made some progress, most of them said Goodbye, one didn't, the other didn't even talk to me. 

Goodbye for Now

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