Friday, May 15, 2009

me. all me.

i am loud
and energetic
i cry easily
but I'm no weakling
i love people way to much
i am probably the coolest dork you will ever meet
i am a vegetarian
and damn proud to be one
i am very judgmental
and tend to lecture people to much
i really hate George Bush
he messed up the world
but Obama is made of awesome
and now he has to fix up the world
i reject mainstream music XD
i swim
i don't run
on the beach
a heart but square
i love my friends
they are my heroes
myspace, msn, facebook? 

just ask.

I just thought you guys should know a bit about me, 
admitadly that is copied straight from my myspace
but that took me a while
so i thought
that is me
so that is me
and if you dont like me
then please
by all means tell
but don't expect me to change for you. 
oh, and i am good at english, 
especially writing stories. 

next post i will tell you about my friends. 
all about them
the good
the bad
and the

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