Monday, June 8, 2009

By The Way.

For All Of Those That Didn't read It.
This is Mary's Post.

You'll never know how much you've changed in the matter of a lunch time
How many days can you play truth or dare?
Doing the same dares over and over again.
Hug this GUY, touch this GUY
is that what its all about!?!
And dressing weirdly, and trying to be cool.
Leaving your closest friends alone in music class, 
while you sit with your new best friends.
How shocked we were, when you looked at us, and then turned into the other direction.
And I'm just getting sick and tired of it. 
Bursting out bubble for no apprent reason.
Making us embarrassd whenever we talk to ANY GUY
whether we are flirting or not.
Wanting to impress.
Impress whom, though?
Ur "BFFL" 
or your new buddys
or maybe a new guy.
You say your experienced, but you need to get your story straight.
You hate liars. You say you never lie
Well, that my friend IS a lie
You like people being honest to u, and ur the only one who can twist the story
You base people of one situation, and yunno what
People change, and so have you.
But I don't mean that in the nicest possible way.
I like how you made an effort to apologise, and I respect that.
Though one year to late, it just suddenly hit you.
This thing will probably hit you 3 years from now, once all those guys and best friends get bored of you.
And when it does hit, when everything hits you.
I hope it makes a big bruise on your face.

I still love you though, you're still fun to be around.

Yunno thats what yousay after you've started bagging sumone or said sumthing bad.
As if it lessens the fac that uve said sumthing mean about them.Well now you know that it doesnt do anything.

Anything at all.
And don't get mad aqt me for doing this blog.
Cuz u always do it, and its just like my personal diary.

cuz I do have a spine, and im not the weakling you say I am.

btw, XOXO
This shouldn't effect our friendship. or start an argument.
Cuz this is just how I'm feeling recently. And i may have a bad case of PMS.

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