Monday, June 8, 2009


This is the texts that followed the blogs: 

Mary, you there? First of all, to get this out of the way
I am listening to TAYLOR SWIFT to get into a Mary Mood. Ok? I posted three blogs in response to urs so can you please reply by text? 

hey. that blog wasnt ever ment to be posted. I was just feeling so weird and needed to write.and all the things i wrote probably wouldnt even bother me rly. I was just in an agitated mood. u write blogs, i write blogs and mine probably dont mean anything. and this doesnt and wont turn into an argument. cuz we dont need it. and the stuff about lying and experienced. I just needed things to rant about, otherwise the blog would have been two lines long. :P sorry, it wasnt meant to be posted. and like your apology about being bitchy to me im sorry for not accepting it like a good person, and i just complained and made you feel bad and cry. Im sorry. xx. and I do actually mean xoxo at the end. that was probaly the only truthful thing on my blog. the next time I'm on my computer Im going to delete the blog. xx.

Mary. Im soryr, i just cant believe that. Look Even if oyu were just ranting it must have come from somewhere in your head so can you please just read what i wrote, or can you come over from like three to five. Im listening to Taylor Swift for gods sake. 

can i come over from 3-5? huh? wat does that mean :S and honestly u have to believe me. u obviously dnt believe cus ive lied to many times, but rly. I was just anoyed an didnt mean any of it. 

I mean can you come to my house from three to five tomorrow. No mary its just that all those thoughts must have come from somewhere and it had a title and your layout changed and if you were just ranting you would have to sabine. Another reason I think your lying. She said. Its true. When I said I had seen ur blog.

I cnt cum over soz. all the thoughts came from my head because i was annoyed and i picked at the little things and they grew. and i was ranting. sometiems i dnt want to rant to ppl. i rant by writing and stuff. yeah i chnaged my layout cux i didnt like colours. all the colours i tried are crap. so i wanted the text to be white, so yeah. btw ur not being v clear. "its true when i said i had seen it" what does that mean? :S

Look, can you get on the comp at twelve tomorrow. I said to sabine "i saw marys blog". She said that "its true all except the last paragraph"  - (where you said we should still be friends)

Ill try. but Im tired now so Im gonna go to bed. ttyl. 

do you see why I dont believe her? Its just seams that it is so true. and i can see how she would think some of those things.  Its just. So. GRR.

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