Friday, June 5, 2009


Mary, I never said sorry.
For how I treated You.
I never did.
And I don't 
Think You Realise
How Sorry I am

For those that don't know what happened, basically last year, term 3 and 4. I was a bitch to Mary. I treated her like dirt. I made her feel like shit. Inside I thought I was helping her because well, last year we all had issues but I think Mary WAS on the verge of breaking down into a depression. 
I thought I owned her basically, and that nothing would stop her from liking me. 
I was a really really really big bitch. 
I always expected her to do what i wanted.
I always exploited her secrets
I always talked way to loudly about your problems
when probably at the time
you didnt want some people to know
I made fun of you
in front of you
and behind your back
i made you feel bad
i was a 

And although I was not the only 
Who was treating people badly
*cough cough*
I will let you sort that out. 
I want you to know

That even though we will never be best friends
we argue 
to much.
We will always be
the closest good friends that ever existed
I will always know that you are there
to help me
and to catch me when I trip on my shoelace and land on a random in the tram 
*lols being had by all* 

i know that we will always fight for five minutes then be laughing,  i know we will always bitch about each other
and then be hugging each other

i know that we are the 
mismatched friends
in the 
whole world
me from
loving you.

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