Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Aakash's Favorite Number

This is going to be really slow typing cos I am typing with one hand. I love touch typing :)
Argh that was frustrating :) Im back to two hands now. Much better, I am drinking Milo so I could only use one hand but now the milo is sitting on the arm of the sofa. Oh god, I just tried to spell arm like this: alm. :) Hehe. I was about to write "LOL" thank god I didn't. I really don't like writing "LOL" in blogs. Anyway, so turns out I did the Aakash is awesome/gay/dresses badly/is a transvestite on assault charges post to early, cos 116 is his favorite number :P Random much? So yeah, Aakash isn't awesome because he gave our five cents back to Mary. But then I stole it from her and put it down my bra so she couldn't get it, even though she claimed she would. So yeah :) Fine Aakash, you are still awesome, but you can't understand girl talk. HAHA. 


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