Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hehe, so its raining :) usually I would be out dancing in it but i really have to go change and I am pissed at tram drivers. So I missed one tram right, cos I was talking to people, and then I got on the second, but there was an empty one right behind it so I got off to get on the empty one, but SOME TRAM DRIVER had to DRIVE RIGHT PAST ME. So I had to wait FOREVER for the next one, oh and I saw sabine at 711 :) Anyway, and then I missed the first bus by like 10 seconds, I could litterally see it pulling away from the stop. And so the next one came in like 20 minutes. Argh, but bus drivers are nice. So yeah, I should probably go change, oh and dorito's are nice when you come in from the rain :)

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