Saturday, July 18, 2009

About to Leave :)

So this is the last post before the massive 100th post huh? Well, I am about to leave to see Harry Potter for the second time. Actually, that is a lie. I am about to go leave to get Caitlin's card and see if the 2 dollar shop at Union Square has any Harry Potter dress ups. 
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THEN I am going to come back home then at like 2 15 I will ride around to Le Caitlin's. Caitlin, if you are reading this, I did NOT leave getting your card to the last minute ok? Just the last hour. So SHUDDUP. You were WRONG! HAHA! Okily, I had better stop the laughing in my head at "HI!". Okily, And I was thinking, should the 100th post be actually about something, or just saying OMG this is the hundredth post, you know? Maybe I will do it tonight when I get back. Ohk, I better go be a Harry  Potter die hard fan now. Byeeee. 

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