Friday, July 10, 2009


Have you ever felt the need to Yell at your clock shut the freaaakk up? Luckily, I got rid of my analog clock ages ago. Although I kind of miss it. It reminded me of Cambodia - maybe because I got it there but anyway. It did click click click quite loudly, but I loved it. Then When the batteries ran out I don't think I could be bothered, plus I needed a better alarm, My other one was too small and I kept knocking it over. So I got one of those electrical ones, as I am writing this I cannot remember what they are called. Hang on, I'll ask Cookie. Aha! Digital clocks. Now I have a digital clock/radio/alarm. It's a very good multitasker :) On a completely different subject who else hates mental blanks where you have to ask someone what an electrical clock is called or how to spell saw. Hehe. Okily. Bye Bye. Oh, and I saw Bruno today. Twas not reaaaallly my sort of humor, I went to give Kimmy moral support, was quite funny though. It was verily easy to sneak in. Got the oldest looking person to buy the Bruno tickets and then we all got The Proposal and then we just went through, haha. There wasn't even a person there to rip our tickets. Good times :) Ooh, I could go get a refund. :) hehe. Yeah so we just went and sat it the Bruno theatre. I love Sprite. Totally Random Blog. :) Byeeee.

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